Some Services at a glance

Our strength lies in the service and the reliable support of our customers! We would like to offer small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to know that they are in good hands when it comes to EDP topics. The whole thing is also possible at a reasonable price with a service contract for ongoing support.

We master all common virtualization platforms and know the differences between cloud systems. We are also happy to advise you on these topics and look to the future together: “Infrastructure as a service”. Our service also includes the areas Office365 and NAS implementations.

In the current era, it gets always more important to save the company-specific data. Also here is the company Webnickel ideally equipped to ensure data security on high standard. We process in common with the costumers the backup concept

We offer our costumers: Facility and assistance of the network, indemnification of the data security, configuration of the firewall and VPN-accesses. Separation of the areas in VLANs and facility of the firewall and of the WLANs.

As “PC-Doctor” we offer: Installation of hard- and software, reparation of all kinds and analytic error searching. We establish IT infrastructure, offer care of the clients, monitoring and home automation.
But also in the area of server solutions (File-, Mail, Printserver and much more), network establishment, redundancy of the components, emergency power supply or overvoltage protection.

We offer storage for a webserver, mail addresses and POP3-, IMAP, Exchange mailboxes, webmail (Access to your emails worldwide), registration of domains and administration of the domain. Additionally, we have experience with our partners in web design, creating pages with homepage builder systems, but we also can support you or set up for you a website with CMS installation via WordPress.

From different design ideas up to a common graphically development: Depending on the wishes of the costumer you get from us a website, which is exactly tailored for your business. If you need mobile websites, which are optimized for displaying on wearable devices, we can also put that into practice. We work in common with you a concept, which is optimally concerted for you and your business. The implementation is possible with WordPress or modular systems.

Especially today is it always more important to have a central software solution. But to get a reasonable and future-proof solution there is experience needed. We can plan for you a corresponding ERP system independently.


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